Spray Knockdown Texture Finish: How It’s Different from Other Concrete Floor Finishing Options

Do you want to give your concrete a fresh, new look? Are you looking for a finishing option that is affordable and easy to apply? If so, a spray texture Orange County, CA, may be the perfect choice for you! 

This blog post will discuss spray knockdown texture finish and how it differs from other concrete floor options. Some tips will also be provided on how to apply it correctly. So, if you consider giving your outdoor concrete a new finish, read on!

slip resistant spray knockdown finish pool deck

The Spray Knockdown Difference

The spray knockdown finish is different from other spray finishes because it does not require a second coat. 

The final look is the result of applying a spray-on primer, a mix of epoxy and concrete, and then a spray-on texture. The spray-on texture would be sealed with an acrylic-based coating. That will help make the surface last under extreme heat.

That is important since the flooring areas you would use this are among the outdoors.

The Different Looks of Spray Finish Texture

The texture will vary depending on the spray knockdown finish you choose.

There are three types of spray knockdown finish: orange peel texture, popcorn, and splatter.

Orange peel texture is the most common type of spray knockdown finish. The pattern comes out spraying the mix over a surface, usually on walls and ceilings.

Popcorn spray knockdown finishes are achieved by using a popcorn-type spray texture.

And finally, splatter spray knockdown finishes are achieved using a short trowel, and the mix is splattered literally.

There are many different feel and look of surfaces it produces. And depending on the type of spray knockdown finish you choose, the texture will be different.

Because it is made up of a mixture of sand and cement. This makes it more durable and longer-lasting. Also, it is more resistant to chipping and cracking. The spray texture finish is perfect for high-traffic areas such as outdoor concrete. Your pool decks and driveways are where the application would be ideal.

How does Spray Texture Work?

When applied correctly, the finish can last many years with little to no maintenance. However, it is important to note that spray knockdown texture finish is not a do-it-yourself project. If you are inexperienced in applying this, it is best to hire a professional.

Now that you know what spray knockdown texture finish is and how it differs from other finishes, you may be wondering how to apply it.

How to Apply Spray Texture Finish?

Now that we’ve discussed what spray knockdown texture finish is and how it’s different from other finishing options let’s talk about how to apply it correctly. Applying a spray knockdown finish is easy! 

Applying a spray knockdown texture finish is a three-step process. Follow these:

  • Combine concrete mix, epoxy grout, and acrylic-based mix.
  • Coat the floors with a spray-gun
  • Knock the sprayed coating before it fully cures

Here is how it goes in detail.

First, you will need to mix all the components. An expert would know the right consistency. Since the mix would combine epoxy and acrylic, the coating will cure if not applied on time.

Next, you must use a spray gun to coat the concrete deck or outdoor floors. This step makes this type so distinct from other concrete floor ideas. 

Finally, you will need to knock down the coating making a snow-peak texture on the top. You will use a trowel to press down those prickly coating. Voila, the outcome reveals a distinct pattern that can only be created by flattening the trowel over a concrete coating that is about to dry.

Other uses for spray texture other than the concrete floor:

  • A spray texture finish can also be used on ceilings and walls. It is a great way to add some extra dimension to your home.
  • Spray knockdown can also be used on outdoor furniture. It is a great way to protect your furniture from the elements and make it last longer.
  • spray texture finish can also be used on boats and RVs

A Finishing Touch

Now that you know what spray knockdown texture finish is and how to apply it, you are ready to give your concrete floors a fresh look! Contact a professional concrete contractor if you have any questions about this type of finish. And, if you are looking for an affordable and easy-to-apply finishing option, spray knockdown texture finish may be the perfect option for your outdoor spaces.

Spray texture or the knockdown finish is different from other spray finishes. Learn how to apply it from the expert for a pleasing result.

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