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Concrete surfaces outdoors are vulnerable to damage if consistently exposed to harmful elements, such as tremendous heat, freeze-thaw cycles, and moisture in Orange County. A concrete pool deck, for example, is often exposed to splashes of water and sunlight. Sooner or later, signs of age and damage will soon show up. But before calling someone in OC, California to take out the old slab and replace it with a new one, consider more economical solutions first. A knockdown finish is highly ideal because it restores old concrete, helps protect it and improves the look and function of the area it is sprayed on. Read on to learn more about this resurfacing solution, especially if you’re looking for spray texture in Orange County.

A Brief Look at Spray Trowel Finish

A knockdown texture is similar to a stucco finish on dry walls except that it features a smoother texture and is used on walking surfaces. This is a microtopping that is sprayed or splattered on a concrete surface and then knocked down with a trowel to make it smooth enough for bare feet. Although it is a popular pool deck coating, it can also be used on driveways, resurfaced patios, and walkways. Aesthetic-wise, this coating is highly customizable. It comes in a wide range of colors but if you want a custom color, it can be stained or dyed as well.

Experience the impressive transformation of your surfaces with Knockdown Texture in Orange County. Our expert knock down finish, applied with precision using knock down trowel, enhances not only the aesthetics but also provides slip-resistant surfaces. Whether it’s for your pool area or other outdoor spaces, our spray decking for pools, including cool deck coating, ensures a durable and visually appealing solution. Elevate your surfaces with our top-notch Sundek Classic texture services, bringing both style and safety to your space.

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Top Features of a Spray Knockdown Texture Finish

A knockdown texture on concrete may not be the first thing that comes to mind when remodeling surfaces, but here are good reasons why it should be:

  • Economical – More often than not, remodeling a concrete surface can be quite expensive. This system is affordable enough for homeowners with a tight budget.
  • Appealing – This coating system rightfully falls under decorative concrete category because of its ability to improve aesthetics. Although it is not as elaborate as other paving materials, it features an impressive texture that looks luxuriously expensive.
  • Durable – Although only a thin coat is sprayed on the surface, it is enough to protect the existing slab from damage. The coating remains intact for several years, especially for low traffic areas.
  • Low-maintenance – One of the most challenging things about decorative materials is how much more love and care it demands. A knockdown texture, on the other hand, does not require special cleaning regimens and cleaning products. A regular pressure washing is enough to remove stubborn dirt and stains.
  • Slip-resistant – This is one of the most important features of a spray coating. The stucco-like surface provides enough traction to prevent slips and falls, especially when wet.
  • Cool Surface – Another reason why this stands out among pool deck knockdown texture coatings is that it stays 30% cooler than other paving materials when exposed to direct sunlight for long hours. This makes it extra-friendly to bare feet.
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