5 Modern Concrete Stain Ideas for Business Spaces

More and more commercial spaces are turning to using stained concrete floors, and with good reason. They look modern and minimalist, and when done right, concrete stains can look bright, sleek, and can transform any space into a perfect business place. Here are some ideas for achieving the look of sleek and modern concrete stains:

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#1 Go for the simple route and stain the concrete to a dark grey

Concrete on its own has a sharp finish that can be enhanced by a dark gray stain to make it look more modern and dramatic. This is perfect for a place with a lot of natural light as the contrast will enhance the concrete floor stain. For a simple but sleek floor, choose interesting furniture and artwork to bring out the best of the space.

#2 Use bright colors for a bright pop

Water-based concrete stains are capable of a huge range of bright colors; take advantage of this and stain your floors a bright blue, green, or red. A pop of color in a business can convey the message of it being a fun youthful place and can make the space light and open.

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#3 Feed the eye by applying geometric designs to your floors

Using a stain to lay out the design, choose geometric designs that look clean, sleek and angular. This maximizes your floor and may make the space look larger by using long lines. You can leave the design bare or use color to enhance the design. Consider large-scale designs for bigger spaces and small-scale designs for smaller spaces in order to make the most out of your concrete floors.

stained concrete orange county

#4 Choose a dark color and use a strong polish overtop for a high-impact look

Use an acid stain to achieve dark earth-toned colors for your floors to make the space distinct and modern-looking. Dark greens and terra cottas will look great under minimal furniture. Top it off with a polish with a high shine to make the floors modern and glossy.

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#5 Mix and match colors for memorable floors

When everyone is going one way, you may choose to go a complete separate way. Go out of the box and choose to mix color stains, blending and layering to create a completely unique floor stain that no one will forget. Using a water-based concrete stain allows you to choose colors and be creative with your concrete floor stains.

For any of your concrete staining needs, feel free to contact our team of expert contractors to have your floors professionally stained and treated by leading experts. Visit our homepage for more info. Interested in reading more? Check out our blog about sustainable stylish outdoor elements.

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