The Practical Alternative to Carpets

Think about nice flooring. Picture the most expensive surface that you could ever imagine. Have you thought of hardwood, tile, marble, and carpets? Well, concrete never really stands out whenever you’d think of an expensive flooring system. It’s not a high-end choice in anyone’s mind. But you’d be surprised by what a professional can do to a dull, rough, grey slab of the rock-like material. When applied with the proper concrete stain, it can transform into a breath-taking flooring material that would look as if you’ve spent an awful lot just to have it.

If you own a residence in Orange County, here are some reasons why you should think about installing staining like acid stain concrete instead of a carpet inside your home:
More for Your Money

Comparing stained concrete over carpeting of the same quality, you’re almost likely going to squeeze a lot out of each dollar that you’ll be spending. A polished concrete floor with a basic stain finishing will generally cost you about $2.50 to $5.50 per square foot. This kind of look is a huge step in boosting your visual appeal from the industrial concrete and it involves a coat of stain with a sealer. For a mid-grade job that rivals mid-level carpeting, expect to pay $5.50 to $7.50 per square foot. You will be able to use different kinds of stain colors, achieve more complex staining patterns, and have the concrete slab cut into more intricate shapes. High-end stained concrete applications would typically cost you about $7.50 to $50 per square foot, a bit the same costs as that of the luxury carpets. Using advanced staining, cutting and sandblasting methods, you can get a look that can emulate marble (even better) for much less.

Easy to Maintain

When wine, different sauces, and other hard-to-remove spills stain your carpet, the damage is often permanent. It’s really hard to remove it once it happens on your expensive carpet. It’s either you pay for a professional to clean it or replace the carpet entirely. The same horrifying accidents will not have any effect to a stained concrete surface. By wiping it with just a towel, your floor will instantly look new once again. Many substances will fail to penetrate the concrete seal layer of the stained concrete floor.

Durable and Long-lasting

Indoor carpets experience A LOT of foot traffic. Partner that with moving furniture, mischievous kids, and random accidents, any kind of carpet would see a substantial amount of wear and tear over the years. Stained concrete surfaces are extremely durable, stain and slip resistant, and can stand up to more heavy usage for much longer than that of the carpet. You’ll never have to worry about repairs and replacements.

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