You have an existing exterior floor. Through time and weathering, the outdoor concrete finished with stamping loses its appeal. Decorative Concrete Surfaces is Orange County’s top choice for bringing superb quality flooring solutions. Now, we get you stamped concrete rejuvenation. It’s a more efficient, affordable, and easily accessible flooring restoration suitable for an existing concrete driveway, patios, pool decks, and walkways.


The stamping technique is known for its durability and design possibilities enhancing the whole exterior. However, exposure to extreme heat, severe weather changes, various outdoor activities, and contact with vehicles create damages. It can stay durable for a long time, but it loses beauty. The flooring had served its purpose and function. It needs some freshening-up. The beautiful floor you always have can retain its gorgeous form and recover from its flaws.


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How is Stamped Concrete Rejuvenation done?

Resealing the concrete with stamping designs has two components – water-based epoxy that provides long-lasting strength and a top layer of an acrylic coating. This gives the high-resistant and enhanced waterproofing of the surface. Combining these two parts produces just the right gloss the stamped floors have.

A professional stamp concrete contractor can rejuvenate the old worn concrete with stamping patterns into a fresh, brand-new outdoor floor. Our team has years of experience and the right skills to breathe new life into the old, damaged surface.

The Basic Steps

So how is rejuvenation done? Refinishing is better than costly, replacing the old concrete to get to know more about this service with the process below.

Step1: Getting the right Mix. First, the liquid-based component is mixed with a coloring pack. In this step, you have the option to add or use the color of your choice. Your flooring contractor will help you achieve this. A hardening component is mixed in to achieve a pasty consistency. 

Step 2: Base Coating. For applying the concrete mix, a roller or spray is used. Spray the mixture on the existing concrete with stamping patterns for a thin base coating. For best results, experts recommend having a secondary layer. 
Step 3: Glossy Coating. The final step is applying a topcoat. Usually, an acrylic-based coat is used that gives a glossy finish, thus reviving the beautiful sheen of the outdoor floors.

What can I get from Concrete Stamp Rejuvenation?

A floor finished with concrete stamping will experience fading, abrasions, and tiny cracks. Its beauty fades over time. We know that you loved your concrete floors, and replacing them is not your option. Now, you can keep your long-time companion, the sturdy foundation, in your residential or commercial spaces. Make it more robust and restore its appeal.

Choosing concrete refinishing will get you to have all these benefits. 


Afford a fresh-looking outdoor floor without breaking your banks. If you avoid concrete floor repair because you feel that you need to shed out a large sum of your finances, then this is for you. 

You can have the benefit of owning elegant exterior flooring at an affordable price. This is the best option since you will not have to go through the expense of installing a completely new floor.


Trying to keep a glossy, polished outdoor concrete can make you use more effort and send more costs. With the refinishing process, you can restore the slabs all at once. It also converts your minimal attempt in trying to make the old floors look like new. You will regain the low-cost and fast maintenance once you rejuvenate your concrete.

Brand New Look.

Have the look of luxury to your exterior by refinishing the stamped floors with fresh colors and top coating. Since the concrete does not lose its strength, you can recover its appeal with a quick and simple refinishing or recoloring. Get the best looking Laguna Hills decorative concrete floors from us!

Tough as New.

It is the same durable floor that you always have. Not only that, the strength enhances with a new concrete coating added on top of it. The floor also restores its high–resistance. Making it repel stains and other damages quickly as it did when it was a newly poured slab.

Cover up the Flaws.

Common outdoor concrete problems are cracks, abrasion, discoloring, and tire marks. Cover up these flaws and make them disappear with just one retouch. The refinishing process can make those worn-out floors. The flooring surface emerged as new without the need for constant repairs.

Installation Areas
Is Stamped Rejuvenation great for any floor?

“Better to be done on finished stamped concrete.” Yes. Anywhere there is concrete stamping, this refinishing is available! It is most suitable for exterior floors. Get a rejuvenation if you have overlays stamping on concrete in these following areas:

  • Concrete driveway
  • Patio
  • Walkways
  • Concrete Pool Deck
  • Entry Ways

Both residential and commercial areas in Orange County CA, Laguna and Laguna Hills that have concrete stamping on the floor will benefit from refinishing. 

Residential exterior floorings will enhance its appeal. Achieve an Orange County vibe and the sophisticated homes of living in The Valley. Don’t let the old slabs ruin your eye for an exquisite lifestyle. 

With concrete recoloring and refinishing, your commercial spaces will illuminate with style. Rejuvenating the beauty of your existing floors will add pizzazz to your property’s overall look. Through the restoration, your business spaces will sustain and increase its value. Increase profit, too, with a low-maintenance quality. There is no need for expensive flooring installation. Walk on classy, flawless floorings on your every step. 

Driveway. Car marks can stain or discover the stamped floors. But it remains sturdy and flawless underneath. Rejuvenating the surface with recoloring meets solves this.

Concrete Pool Deck. Pool decks with stamped overlays can wear their natural gloss and vibrant color. You don’t need to replace them. Only refinish the slabs with a new layer of concrete coating to restore its sheen and enhance its waterproofing.

Patio. Your indoor extensions, such as patios, are essential in adding beauty to your property. Protect its surfaces with restorative coating and refinishing. Don’t let it lose its value because of weathering. 
Frontways, Walkways, Entryways. The entrance of your homes and business spaces is key to represent who you are as a person. The properties you give an instant impression to your guests or clients. With concrete sealing the stamps, you can rest assured that the look of your entryways or walkways will also give a beautiful experience for everyone stepping on them.





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