3 Elements of a Sustainable and Stylish Outdoor Space

Sustainable is all the rage nowadays, as it should be. People are aware of the effects of climate change with the emergence of troubling news and reports of the earth’s depleting resources and continuous destruction. With that being said, more and more people are making conscious efforts to live an eco-friendly life. From small acts like refusing plastic straws to designing eco-friendly residential and commercial establishments, you can do your part. One of the best ways to start is with creating a sustainable outdoor space without compromising style. How? Read on to find out.

pool stairs stamped concrete


Sustainable materials are those that are ethically sourced, easily renewable and considered eco-friendly. These materials do not leave a heavy carbon footprint when it comes to chemical emissions. Examples of these are stamped concrete, bamboo and reclaimed wood. These can be highly decorative depending on your creative vision. Bamboo can be used to make beautiful pergolas and outdoor furniture. Reclaimed wood is great for adding dimension and texture to hardscapes. Multiple decorative concrete applications can transform plain concrete surfaces in stunning works of art.

stamped concrete patio


The main concern of sustainable design for the outdoor space is to reduce energy consumption, conserve energy and minimize runoff. This can be achieved by opting for practical and efficient installations with a simple layout plan for areas like the patio and landscape. If you’re considering to install water features, think birdbaths and small artificial ponds that encourage butterflies and bees. If your patio is regularly used at night, install energy efficient lighting.


Landscaping is a great way to enhance the look of your outdoor space while using natural elements. These include flowering plants, bushes, trees, and vines. Incorporating these into your outdoor space instead of artificial enhancements can be of great benefit to the environment. Just make sure to apply sustainable landscaping practices. Practices like composting, choosing to grow an organic garden and omitting toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides are commendable.

These three elements are sure to enhance your outdoor space while improving the environment at the same time. Interested in getting stamped concrete or other services? To know more about increasing the functionality and enhancing the aesthetic of your property’s exteriors, check our professional concrete services! For other interesting and similar articles, read through our blog on shade trees for your stamped backyard.

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