Basic Tips for Garage Floor Maintenance

Action-packed spaces such as garages need action-packed solutions such as garage coatings. Learn the basics of garage floor maintenance in this blog. You might be a long-time garage owner or a newbie in garage maintenance. Have a run-through and remind yourself of the essential steps and process of keeping the concrete garage floors in shape.

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Top Garage Floor Maintenance Ideas you MUST do Today

Say no more to the chaotic and grimy flooring surface inside the garage. A clean and polished one is possible with these five common tips you must start doing today.

1. Fill in Cracks

Cracks on garage floorings are expected, and they appear because they are a clear sign of damage. Treat the garage floor cracks differently because they are amplified by heavy objects’ impact when they fall to the ground. What appears to be a small thin crease at first would, in no time, form into significant gaps with deep holes. It would be too late if you would not tend to them immediately. Fill in the cracks ASAP!

2. Sweep it Clean

You do not need to learn rocket science processes to keep a polished garage floor. This number two tip reminds you of the most basic but inevitable process for cleaning the garage. 

3. Scrub all Stains

Tough stains inside the garage areas are caused by no other than grease and car oils, and chemicals. There is no doubt that the floors will soon look outdated, but you don’t have to wait until you need to repair the entire flooring slab. 

Do not let the oils and chemical spills stay on the floor for too long on the surface. Scrub all the stains. Even if its a clear water or water-based paints. They may be easy to wash off, but those liquid stains would cause hard-to-remove material that can ruin the floors once mixed with other elements.

4. Apply Sealant

You are probably aware of the constant exposure to oil and grease among garage floorings. It has become a common concern that applied concrete sealers are better for action-packed spaces.

To give the garage a total revamp, invest in durable and easy maintenance epoxy flooring. 

Or have the concrete garage floor sealed with a clear epoxy coating to preserve the quality of concrete.

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5. Remove Oil Stains

And last but not least, is to remove oil stains. After going through the first four items above, an oil stain on the garage floor is inevitable. 

Ensuring that the floors are protected does not need complex tasks. A simple stain removal solution like water and soap will do. The key is to clean the surface once exposed to harmful materials.

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