4 Ways to Transform the Pool Deck Surface from Blah to Beautiful

The pool deck is more than just a space that will get you from the house to the swimming pool. Think of it as a showroom where the highlight is the pool. Family and friends would lounge around on it and even walk around the pool on it so it has to be as stunning as the pool itself. The way a pool deck looks could make or break the overall appearance and value of the property. If it is beginning to look blah and boring, there are ways to make it beautiful again through overlaying pool decks with the help of pool deck contractors.

1. Repair

A concrete pool deck, especially one installed outdoors, are exposed to various factors that could affect its durability and appearance. Weather changes and regular exposure to chlorinated water could damage the surface. One of the most common is cracks. Make sure to have any damage repaired before it gets worse. Concrete damage is an eyesore and it can make the deck look unkept and neglected.

2. Powerwash

Any surface could get dirty and a pool deck is no different. Dust could accumulate and mold may start to develop, making the surface ugly and slippery. If this is the case, it may help to powerwash the surface. If you have a pressure washer with spray tips or could rent one, you can easily do this on your own. You may also hire a pro to do it for you.

3. Sealing/Resealing

When a pool deck looks dull, you can make it shiny with a layer of sealer. More significant than the sheen it adds, sealing concrete pool deck provides a protective layer that protects the floor from stains, dust, and other harmful elements. If the pool deck has an old and faded layer of sealer, it needs to be resealed with the same sealer it had on before to make sure that it adheres.

4. Resurfacing

If the damage is too many and the old surface is just too unpleasant to look at, you could resurface it with an overlay or coating. Highly recommended options are the stamped overlay and spray texture. Both look stunning, slip-resistant, and efficient in covering up the damage on the old pool deck.

Find time at least once a month to walk around the pool deck and look at its condition. If you catch damage early, you will spare yourself from expensive repairs or redesign your pool deck in the future . Making sure that it is always clean and in good shape will maintain the value of your home. Plus, you won’t have to worry about guests suddenly showing up wanting to hang out at the pool area.

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