3 Ways a Spray Texture Makes the Pool Deck Safe

Whether it is summer or just an unusually warm day, swimming is one the most popular outdoor fun activities for both kids and adults. Homeowners must prioritize the safety and protection of children since they tend to do what they do without taking precautions. The most common things parents do is apply sunscreen on their kids, bring out then floaties, and supervise them as much as they possibly could. There is one thing, however, that must also be prioritized: the concrete pool deck. Although concrete is a reliable material, it tends to become slippery when wet. You know how kids won’t stop running even if you tell them not to? The danger of slipping or falling is high and the results could range from minor bruises to fatal head injuries. This is what spray texture is designed for.

Slip-Resistance to Prevent Slips and Falls

A spray-down coating system is highly popular for resurfacing concrete pool decks. It has a texture pronounced enough to be slip-resistant but subtle enough to make it comfortable for bare feet. The texture is acquired when the splattered material is knocked down with a trowel right before it hardens.

Cool to the Touch

You probably tried walking on a pool deck that has been under strong sunlight for hours. It wasn’t a very pleasant experience, was it? Bare feet could acquire serious burns just by stepping on really hot concrete. A spray texture cool deck coating has a property that reflects heat back instead of absorbing it. The effect is that the surface stays cool to the touch despite long hours of sitting under the sun.

Tough and Durable Pool Deck Coating

The coating used for a spray knockdown finish is durable enough to withstand climatic changes, water exposure, and heavy foot traffic. This means it won’t develop cracks, dents, or holes anytime soon, which could be dangerous if kids trip on them.

If you inspect and see that the concrete pool deck you have may be slippery, hot, and damaged, resurfacing it with a spray texture coating might just be the best safety measure you take. Remember, spending time in the pool area should be fun, not dangerous. By making sure that kids are kept safe from slips, falls, burns, and other possible injuries, you can enjoy hanging out with the kids by the pool with fewer worries in mind.

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