5 Ways to Cool Down Your Swimming Pool

One of a swimming pool’s purpose is to be a refreshing oasis where people can cool down. But what if you dive in and realize that it feels more like being submerged in a stew being warmed up slowly on a stove?

Disappointing, indeed. Because the pool sits under the sun for long hours on any day, the heat of the sun is enough to heat the water up. Also, pools with covers tend to retain heat so when the cover is pulled out, the water is warm to the touch. Before you purchase all the ice in the world and throw them into your pool, try out these cool ways to cool down the pool area.

Hire a Cool Deck Resurfacing Pro

If the pool deck is hot, the heat it absorbs could be transferred to the pool, making the water warm. A hot pool deck is also dangerous for bare feet as it could cause minor burns underfoot. To prevent both of these issues, cool deck coatings like kool decking and spray texture may come in handy.

A cool deck overlay is applied by licensed decking contractors to the existing deck through a spraying process. The splattered material is knocked down with a trowel, creating a texture that features air pockets, keeping the surface cool.

Install a Pool Cooler

A pool cooler is a device that lowers the temperature of a pool by about 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. This works by removing the heat of the water that flows through it. This is a highly popular solution because it helps make the chemistry of the water easier to maintain.

It can be used along with any existing pool system and it comes with temperature controls, making sure that the water does not get too cold for comfort.

Run a Water Fountain or Aerator

A running water fountain helps circulate the water, lowering the temperature a few degrees. The cooler temperature may not be as significant as that from a pool cooler but it is enough to make the water refreshingly enjoyable. It is highly recommended to let the fountain or aerator run overnight for maximum effects.

Create Shaded Areas

Add some shade on or near the pool to create a shaded area where the water stays cool no matter how hot the day gets. You can use set up umbrellas, hang a fabric shade, have a permanent roof over the pool or extend eaves over some part of the swimming pool.

Clear the Landscaping

Any large or abundant foliage right beside the pool can hinder cool air from circulating around the pool area, trapping heat on the surface of the pool. Keep landscaping far enough from the pool to allow cool air to travel in and around the pool.

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