5 Ways to Make a Garage a More Livable Space

epoxy treated garage

There is more than one way to use a garage. It was invented as a way to safely keep your car, but if your family does not own a car or if you’ve been blessed with a large car-park space that can do with more decoration, then why not make it an extension of your living rooms?

A garage can become a smaller living room, an office, a storage, or anything else that you may need. But whatever fate you have in mind for your garage, you may have a pressing concern: how do you turn a garage from a dull room into a comfortable and inviting living space? Here are 5 ways:


man applying epoxy on the floor#1 Choose the right floors

To make the perfect living space in a garage, you need to think from the bottom-up starting with floors. Garage flooring can be tricky to make a choice on but the best dual-purpose flooring for a garage/living space is epoxy flooring.

Epoxy flooring is brilliant for a number of reasons: it is durable, long-lasting, easy to clean, customizable, and did we mention durable? It’s the choice- flooring for major warehouses for a reason. You’ll never have to worry about your garage flooring buckling under the weight of a car and a living area.

And because it comes in a variety of colors and finishes, there’s something suitable for any kind of space you want to create.


#2 Don’t forget about your walls

To match the rest of the room, you’ll want to decorate your garage walls appropriately. Think about color but also think about the type of paint. If it’s a small garage that you’re transforming, choose light easy colors to open up the space; avoid dark tones to make sure it doesn’t look cramped.

If you’re looking for an easy space to hang out in, hang up art and frames to personalize the area. If you’re looking to use the garage as storage space, use the walls to build shelving solutions.


epoxy treated car garage#3 Choose the right door

For a garage that is also something else, you need to make sure the door is weather-tight. It’s one thing when water off the street floods into your garage with a car in it, but it’s another thing entirely for the water to damage your furniture and belongings.

But if you don’t want any sign of the garage from the outside, consider filling in the wall where the door used to be and use a door into the home as its main entry point.


#4 Think about temperature control

Your garage wasn’t meant to be a living area, so it’s not designed for human habitation like the rest of your home. That means your garage probably doesn’t have any means of maintaining temperature, whether that is to heat it in the cold or cool it during the summer.

Invest in the appropriate split systems for controlling the temperature in the room to make sure you can use the space all year long.


#5 Pick the right furnishing

Whatever you decide to convert your garage into, picking furniture is a big task on the list. If you plan on having people in the space for entertainment, choose comfortable chairs and sofas as well as a rug to mark the space clearly.

If you’re looking to make it a room for practical uses, choose minimal and no-nonsense furniture that will dictate the tone of the room.



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