Genius Ways to Organize Your Garage

You know how the garage is always a dreaded scene in thriller flicks? And did you notice how messy and disorganized those garages are? It may be true in real life but a garage can be as clean and organized as one can dream it to be. While some have started organizing theirs, they end up letting go of the order because it is such an inconvenience to put things back where they were first placed. So, to make it long-term, here are easy-to-maintain ways you could organize your garage:

Use a Pegboard

You’ve seen them in hardware and retail stores, pegboards are customizable organizing walls perfect for the garage.
You can attach hooks, braces, and the like wherever appropriate to make enough room for other stuff. Ideal items to store here are tools, paint brushes, and tapes.

Draw Outlines

If you are the one who organizes the garage, it is easy to know where things belong. However, it can be frustrating to have to tell family members where items should be placed after use. To make it easier for everyone, draw the outline of the item on the wall. Trace the shape of the scissors, hammer, or screwdriver so anyone, even kids, would know where each one belongs.//

Reuse Old Lockers

If you have an old locker at home, from school or work, repaint it and put it in the garage. Assign one locker per family member so they could stash their stuff, such as helmets and umbrellas, in their own storage locker. The lean space inside a locker is also great for storing long and lean items like rakes, brooms, fishing rods, wood planks, and more.

Storage on Wheels

It can be annoying to have to go back and forth getting all the stuff you need. The solution? Wheels. Say you have a bucket of items you often use for woodwork or a craft hobby, attach some wheels, like those under swivel chairs, to the bottom of the bucket or box so you can take it with you anywhere in the garage you want to work.

Brighten the Garage Flooring & Walls

Aside from adding or editing the storage layout in a garage, you might want to update your walls and floors, too. Cleaner and more efficient walls and floors can help improve the function and beauty of the garage as a whole. Give the walls a fresh layer of paint, whether it’s a plain wall or a pegboard.

Hire a decorative concrete contractors to upgrade to an epoxy flooring garage. This is easier to clean and maintain and it is way more durable than other materials for garage floors.

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