3 Simple Ways to Restore Stamped Concrete Beauty

Stamped concrete is one of the most popular resurfacing solutions nowadays. Its wide selection of patterns made it fun for homeowners to plan the patio, pool deck, or driveway. The way it can mimic expensive materials like stone and brick at a lower cost is incredibly brilliant. But just like most paving materials, wear and tear would be evident on the surface. Stamped concrete Orange County surfaces may get old but it can be restored back to its youthful appearance. How? Just follow these 3 simple tips.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Stamped concrete is often done on outdoor surfaces, like a concrete driveway in Orange County, so it would be impractical to keep it spick-and-span every single second of every single day. When it comes to keeping it clean, it is important to sweep dirt off regularly before it builds up and causes damage. Fallen leaves and cut grass must be removed before they rot because these could create ugly marks and stains on the stamped concrete. Pressure washing can be done every two weeks for a more thorough cleanup and to help remove deep-seated dirt.

Add Color Back on Stamped Concrete

Is your stamped concrete floor stained? Rescue it from a dull look with a re-stain. It is highly recommended to opt for acid staining Orange County CA services. Acid stain penetrates deep into the concrete slab, making the color last longer. If your floor has never been stained, it might be high time to add color to it. This will instantly make any concrete floor look new again. Choose colors that match or complement the architectural style and theme of your home. This way, the concrete floor looks connected.

Reseal the Concrete Surface

A concrete sealing Orange County CA service is ideal for stamped concrete because it prevents damage and extends the life of a concrete floor. If foot traffic is heavy, sealers may fade off earlier than it should. How can you tell that a sealer is fading off? Check the stamped surface with appropriate lighting. Are there dull areas? Is concrete dust starting to accumulate? These could be signs that the protective sealer is gone. It is important to consult a professional contractor, preferably the same one who sealed your floor initially. Why? So you would know what type of stamped concrete sealer was used in the past and to make sure that the resealing is done efficiently.

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